How often will you re-build a 450?

get you kicking leg ready if you're coming off a 2 stroke to a big 4. you can hand start a 2 stroke 125... big four stroke requires some big kicking. also remember you might not hit a compression stroke every kick like on a 2 stroke. can be frustrating, but the endless torque and fewer gear changes are worth it.

I have an 08 with a big bore kit on it and my son has a stock 08 450. My six year old grandson can start both of these bikes by himself. It is fun to watch and a great way to win bets with friends for cold drinks. My bike is by far the easiest starting bike I have ever owned. Last week I did a couple of dead engine practice starts with Dave Pearson and I could beat him out of the hole each time. Even he was suprised at how easy my bike started.

A good slow consistant push rather than a quick stab like a two stroke get mine started the easiest. I usually kick it over slow the first time just to get everthing moving if it has been sitting for a while and sometimes it starts when I just want to turn the motor over. The harder I kick the harder it is to start to put it frankly.

sometimes it starts when I just want to turn the motor over.
My '03 did that when the guy who bought it came to check it out. :thumbsup: He couldn't believe it.

alright so after reading this thread what I'm gathering is that a yz 450 is basically a bullet proof for the average non-racing trail rider. I am about to buy a bike within the next few weeks. I sold my last one a few years ago, and now my wife and daughter have both started riding so I'm getting back into it. I was thinking of going two stroke for repair costs alone. but if the yamahammer is that reliable I might just go blue for the first time in my life. unless I can find a yellow one (I love the retro)

You did. And the '03 YZ450 I first posted about in this thread in '05 was the one I just sold January '08. It was NEVER rebuilt and NEVER needed a valve adjustment and was a second hand bike when I bought it in '04.

Grayracer, for an "old man" you have a good memory.;-)

I posted to this thread in '05, and since then I have adjusted my valves finally this year! They were only a bit tight but I did it anyway of course.

The way my old '99 is running (damn near like new, no loose noises or anything like that), there's no way I would even consider tearing down the top-end for a piston/rings replacement.

Hell, the cam chain is even not very worn! (plenty of adjustment left in auto-adjuster.)

Yes they are tough motors.

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