Supermoto ?

This looks like the perfect place to find all my answers, so thanks in advance for all you help.

I have been doing some research on building/buying a motard and everbody seems to point me towards buying a xr650 but I am a yamaha guy at heart so I would like to stick to blue. Are any of the yamaha's a good candidate for a street/trackday bike, or would I be better off going with an xr. It would be used mostly for street riding in the twistys, but would also be doing a couple track days (strictly pavement). Can anybody point my towards a good yami or would an xr be the only way? Thanks

As I understand it, there is a 450 class and an open class in SM. The XR650 is definitely going to be a better street bike than most of the others you could pick for the purpose, but it will be quite a handful in the dirt sections of a Super Moto course, or even the "urban MX" parts, because of its considerable weight. I've never seen one run competitively. A WR450 could be modded into a good bike for you, and a 525 KTM can be used in the bigger class. What it comes down to is, do you want a competitive SM racer, or a fast street thumper? The answer, to me, lies in that question.

There's also a Super Motard forum listed down the index from this one on the main forums page. See what those guys think.

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