Grease maintenance......

Hey guys,

just curious what your take is.

how often do you think moving parts(non mechanical) should be lubricated or greased and what is your normal routine, as far as lubing/greasing axles, levers, cables, steering head, chain, and anything else i might have overlooked in this post...

Im sure its in the manual somwhere, but i dont have one of those.

I lube the cables (clutch & throttle) every 3 to 4 rides, and I grease the clutch and brake lever pivots at the same time. The chain gets lubed before I go to the track, and each time I come off the track for a break.

Steering stem, suspension linkage, and wheel bearings are cleaned and greased twice per year. Be sure to pack lots of grease in these items.

oh yeah forgot the shock linkage.

im just asking cause i have a funny squeek when i move my bike. its tiny but maybe it ssomething beggign for grease.

i just had a tire changed so im sure they made sure i had enough axle grease and chain lube. bought a can this weekend though. just gotta get a stand now. but im getting one this week found a killer deal at a local dealer .

I definitly gotta get my clutch cable lubed it killed me on my ride yesterday had to have a gorilla grip to get the damn thing pulled in belive me my hand hurts today

This is one area where I don't think too much maintenance is enough. I would think the rear linkage should be taken apart and reassembled atleast once if not twice a year. Same for the steering damper, gooseneck, wheel bearings and axles.

I used to have an 89 RMX that had grease fittings almost everywhere. You could pump grease into the rear linkage, subframe bolt and axles without even taking anything appart. Must have been why every part on the bike cost $20.

I take care of the linkage and steering stem once a year. I replace the wheel bearings when they go bad. After I wash it I lube the foot pegs, shifter and lever pivots and of course the chain.

I tear it down and grease and lube everything twice a year. :applause:

The chain however gets it after every ride.

well i just had my shock rebuilt and spring changed im sure they lubed the shit out of it. just had a rear tire put on im sure they greased the bearings and axle...

steering head i hear is mandatory maybe ill do that soon. and i need to lube my chain and shifter and brake pedal and my cables soon. just wanted to know intervals. so every 5-6 months is good then huh .

You may want to open that Service manual for the bike. They have a really good outline for the maintenance schedule that is right on par with someone racing the bike or using the bike like it should be riden.

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