EKP needle.. Q to dial it in

I tryed out the EKP on my DRZ400 (because everyone is doing it). James Dean was kind enough to make ssome suggestions on settings. It has improved the midrange hit. As vague as my description is (I'm no mechanic) Heres what I ran...

100 pilot air

48 pilot jet

1.5 turns on pilot srew (fuel screw)

EKP clip #3

200 main air jet

158 main jet (BigGun Quiet Exhaust)

airbox opened up

First I tried the #158. Apart from an off-idle bog (which is probably a separate issue, and I will try the P-38 fix), it was pretty good except a bit of stumble/miss from 1/8 to 1/2 throttle, particularily when pulling a wheelie in 2nd or 3rd.

3/4 to wide open is good. Played with fuel screw... no improvement.

Then I tried #160... about the same performance all around.

Then I dropped clip from #3 to #4. Little more responsive, little bit less off-idle bog (maybe), but still a bit of stumble/missing from 1/8 to 1/2 throttle, particularily when pulling a wheelie. Its minor but definitely there. Above 1/2 throttle is perfect.

What should I try next to address the missing 1/8 to 1/2?

Is it a sign of too lean or too rich or what? What are the signs?

When I go downhill throttle off (coasting) there is no popping or backfiring.

Could it be the damn throttle pump?

Go back to #158 and try clip #4 with that?

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Try clip #2 with the EKP needle on your DRZ and work with the pilot screw again in the 1-1 3/4 turn range.

Perhaps an email to me for this DRZ problem since this is a WR forum.

Ok. what is your email, its not listed.


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