XR650L Barkbusters, what fits?

Looking for barkbusters for my XR650L :bonk: Due to the added controls on the handlebars I was curious what fits and what does not :applause: Thanks for any info.

Acerbis rally on mine. Fit great, much nicer than stock.

The Acerbis and UFO universal kits should fit.. I have the UFO explorer brush guards on my 650R dual sport with all the controls and such added plus renthals.. They look like they would fit about anything, there is some flexability in setup/adjustment and they are strong..

Acerbis here......i cracked one of em but i cut out a little piece of metal and bolted it all together and she works great......cant really see it either.

I put Moose on my '06 L.

Like these: http://www.mooseracing.com/GLOBAL/images/CatalogManager/showImage.jsp?class_id=209&image_type=fullsize&rank=100

When installing these, I take a pipe cutter, and lop off about an inch or so of the ends of the handlebars. Stock bars, to me, are too wide, whether for woods clearance or just cruising comfort.

I then tweak the guards to fit as the bend(s) may need it to mount flush in their mounting points.

Also have to cut (I used a dremel and an air grinder) the end off of the plastic throttle tube, trim the grips with a razor blade, and wallow out the bar ends from the deformation created during the pipe cutter cut.

I'll try to link to a picture or two, if interested.

I got the Cycras. Work great.

I got Moose of mine also. The work and fit fine and have more than paid for themselves by saving broken levers, torn grips, and most of all broken hands.

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