Wr400: I kicked, it kicked back, something broke.

I just put a Procircuit T-4 exhaust on My 1998 WR 400, it is YZ timed, throttle stop and black wire have also been done. I started it to hear it, got it warmed up.

I shut it down to change end caps and compare. When I went to start it, it kicked back and the lever stayed down :bonk: . So I pulled it up and tried again, it started and that brought the lever back up, but there is a heavy grinding. :applause: Has this happend to anyone? Is it common? How big of a job is it going to be?

Once this F'up is fixed and spring rolls around I plan to start the jetting game. This is my first 4 stroke, I've had a pile of 2 strokes in my life and haven't had to do much rejetting. So I plan to go with the JD kit and JD leak jet kit. Is this a good way to start the game?

Thanks in advance for any input.


pull the clutch side case cover off, not just the clutch cover. Its sounds like the kicker return spring may have broken, or something to that effect. Its not a huge job. Hopefully the piece that broke off didnt get into anything else...

I agree, make sure you get all the bits out.

Hopefully just the spring. The JD jetting kit is the way to go:-) Nice to see a question about the 400's again.

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