'06 Suspension settings

Kind of curious, I've never figured out how to set up suspension properly, just kind of winged it in the past and its worked out well enough but would like to know what others have done on their new bikes. I'm 165lbs with gear and ride mostly moto and GP.

thanks for all the help fellas, is it too early to ask this question? Maybe I should have been more specific. What compression and rebound settings have people tried front and rear and whats working best IYHO.

Well, this wont be helpful....

I rode the first ride 2.0 hrs on the stock settings, and it's gonna get revalved and resprung front and rear in about a week.

I found the stock settings worked pretty well most of the time...the forks are awesome!

Get the manual out you got with the bike. If you did not get it, go back to the dealer and ask for the service manual.

Flip to the last 4 pages of the manual and there is TONS AND TONS of info on setting up suspension and troubleshooting it.

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