Dad wants a 450

How much should we look at paying for an '03 or newer WR450F? Must be an '03, because the E-Start is a must.

2003 WR450 $3,000. to $3,600. depending on condition

2004 WR450 $3,400. to $3,900. depending on condition

Personaly I would stay away from the 03 only because some of them had starter problems and the famous "Woodruff Key" issues.. I would save up and get an 04.

Good point Dan the 2003 needs $240 worth of starter upgrade parts. :applause:

I'm sure DAD wants one but can he handle one? he he he Just busting chops....

I've seen 33 year old guys sell a WR cuz it scared the crap out of them.

My 04 is still strong and no issues to date

RIght now, the most cost effective, competitive WR on the market is the 04 models.

My dad weighs 240 lbs and is riding a WR250F. When he didnt have enough power to make it up this one hill (we do ride some gnarly stuff) with new tires, he thought it was time for an upgrade. Why are they so stinkin expensive? 3.4k-3.9k for an '04!? That is a wad of cheese for an '04. My '03 YZ450F didnt even cost 3k, and it was as perfect as can be. Almost seems like it would be cheaper to just convert a YZ.

04's are a very desirable year. some believe, that last of the great WR's.

I have 2 used 04's and would take 3200 each both have around 1500 miles in them. new rubber, good shape.

pm me

About $3500 or so. This should include some upgrades and be vrey clean.As far as the starter issue it may have been corrected by a dealer while the bike was under warranty or if its a later 03 the change may have already been done by the factory.I,m not sure about the 04 specs but the fuel tanks keep getting smaller on the newer bikes.Good Luck I LOVE my 03

03 and 04 specs are virtually identical aside from the starter problem.

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