What size sockets?

I should be working instead . . .

Looking at the Sears website and thinking about getting some new sockets to wrench on the 04 450. Dont have manual with me. What size socket do I need to change the front counter sprocket. I heard 27 mm. Is that correct? How about the nut to remove the rear tire? 22MM? What other socket sizes are recommended other than the standard smaller sizes. Thanks, Steve

both rear axle nut and front sproket are 27mm.

for working on most jap bikes you need:














that should cover most of it.


Mine is 22mm in the front and 27mm on the rear

This is WR450 yr 2005

I use 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, 13mm mostly

6mm for the mainjet, 8mm for the front lamp, 10mm frontlamp, fueltank, seat, 12mm or 13mm for chaintension counternut.

Timo Mc

Ditto what Simon Says!

Steve, you should have a nice torque wrench handy... :applause:

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