Keihin FCR Carburator

Does anyone know where to get new seals for the FCR? I need the ones under the jet block. I called Sudco and they said they can't get them. They said Keihin won't import those seals into the US. Help or my only option is to buy a new one or try to make some.

You're not supposed to take apart your carb. They don't make or sell those seals. Best bet, buy a new carb. . . :applause:

Just curious....did the seals go out due to race fuel? or did you just take the entire carb apart?

Race fuel has ruined them.

I've never seen this gasget that some people seem to take out, but does it look like you can make the gasget with some fuel resistant liquid gasget former and a q-tip, or are the parts too small to use goop?

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