Bog vs Sputter

I read on another thread in the WR450 area where a member wrote that a "bog" is from a lean condition and a "sputter" is from a rich condition. I realize there a many variables involved, but in general, would everyone agree with this general assessment?

The famous bog can be due to a too lean pump squirt volume and/or bad timing fuel dump from the AP circuit. Other jetting conditions contribute to poor throttle response. Your bike needs to rip right off idle without hesitation or bog as well as rip thru the rpm/throttle range. Keep jetting until you get her there. The things to play with for the bog are: pilot jet, leak jet, AP diaphram size and AP timing screw. :applause:

No! You can have the BOG if you are rich or lean as Indy indicated their is more to it than that basic explanation someone gave you.

JETTING is fun get in there and DO IT!

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