New plastic for 06 yz450?

Anyone know if anybody has got any plastic in stock for the 06 yz450 yet? Or if any previous models will work, I need yellow because I plan on saving my SE plastic a while.

I heard One Industries was going to carry it from my dealer and went online to see about converting my "blue edition" to the yellow. They had graphics listed for the '06 and show an '05 with yellow plastic but didn't see the kit for the new bike. their site isn't very detailed as far as specifications go. Maybe they'll have it soon, and i've been very happy with the accessories i've bought from them in the past.

When someone comes out with yellow plastic I'll have a SE model too. :applause:


I was told by parts guy ,for whatever it's worth, that the factory shroud graphic is $200. That is one reason I went with the SE. Price on the hurricane kit by one ind. is only $184, but I still wanted to have the factory plastic for resale purposes, and I just like the looks of it.

I really like it!!!No wait,I LOVE IT!!!!!

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