trailtech flywheels, whose got em?

I want to get a flywheel w/weight for my 06. Does anyone have one on an earlier model? these must be easier than putting weights on your existing flywheel. off topic but, would flywheel weights do any harm to reliability or rotating assembly longevity? just a little paranoid for my new baby :applause:

The only thing that added weight at the flywheel would have a negative effect on is the flywheel woodruff key. A heavier flywheel could more easily shear the key than a lighter one IF the nut were too loose, or the flywheel otherwise improperly installed. Mine has had a weighted flywheel of one size or another on it since I bought it with no trouble.

If I wanted to weight the flywheel of an '06, the first place I'd look is Dubach Racing (Dr.D). He'll probably have one before anyone else, and he's great to deal with. His are a welded, balanced ready to use flywheel like you're talking about.

But, from what I'm hearing about the '06, I wonder if you really need it.

You might also try here:

He currently has my 06YZ450 in his shop and is in the process of making a weighted flywheel for it.

Sorry, don't mean to get off track from the 06 flywheel discussion but, what bums me is Dr. D doesn't do flywheels for 426. Is steahly the only one now? I'd rather not do the drill/tap method. Maybe I'll get lucky and someone will have one they no longer are using and wouldn't mind selling. I just put a few hundred into fork/shock springs and seals so hoping I won't have to drop another $200 for a flywheel.

I just put the DRD 8 oz on my 450. I haven't gotten on the track yet but I'm positive it will help me out.

Well I got on the horn last night and talked to a very nice woman at trailtech and she said that most likely they wont be making this flywheel for the 06. She said that the demand was just too low for the previous YZ450's and they have quite a few other products that take priority :applause: UNLESS :bonk: there is a large demand which there could be because of the new five speed which will in turn make this bike more appealing to the woods crowd. :cry:

That being said if you are interested call them and tell them you would like to see one in production. They make a nice product and lets represent the YZ450 as much as possible! TrailTech 360-687-4530

i agree that the trail tech stuff is nice ,i've got one on my 05. they are machined from a solid piece of chrome moly steel, i was under the impression that trail tech made steahlys stuff :applause:

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