Moto Jack Rack on compact

Anyone have any experience or know of anyone with the MJR installed on a Toyota Tacoma 4X4?Im wondering if the frame and suspension will be up to the job.

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I have a moto-Tote on the back of my 99 SR5 extra cab. It handles the wr400 just fine. I really like being able to leave the shell on the truck. nice to have a comfy place to sleep. Go for it!!


oops make that a 97 toyota

Id say go for it as well, but instead of the "add a leaf" go with installing a set of airbags on the rear, this way you retain the stock (comfortable) ride of your truck when you dont have the bike on and all you do is hit it with the air hose after you load the bike to get the desired height/stiffness, I have this same setup on my 2000 Chevy Tahoe but I haul a 16' enclosed trailer and this setup made all the difference in the world, after you get back from whatever trip you just let the air out and the good ole stock ride is still there

Thanks for the info guys.You more than answered all my questions.Looks like i'll be shelling out the cash for it.

TT, I say "run It" my dad runs one on his Explorer which is about the same size as your Tacoma, if you feel that it sags too much you can always get an add-a-leaf kit to your rear end to help the sagging,(thats what I did to my S10 Blazer...

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