TT's worst looking WR. highest KM

no not yet. but i change the oil every week or so. i work at a shop so i get free oil :applause::bonk::cry:

the only non chassis mechanical failure has been the water pump seal. so in all its days it has only let me down once. i also killed th starter but that was from over use. and it kicked fine until i cot a new one.

the valves don't even go out of adjustment any more. re-shimmed it once after brake in and once when i put in the yz cam. they haven't changed since then {35 000ish km ago}. i check every now and then to be sure but they are not moving :cry::p

I'm going to go out on a limb and say that this bike is as reliable as a DRZ or an XR250r.

This is what I like to read! I'm glad I bought one now. I thought I would never find a bike as reliable and bulletproof as my old XR400, but I have. :cry: Nothing like owning a bike that if you keep up on the maintenance it treats you well. By the way I love the bike Simon, may not look pretty but it kicks a$$ and keeps on going. :lol:

With Yamaha's the saying is they just keep ticking and ticking and ticking! Just like the energizer bunny! :bonk::cry:

The famous Yamaha valve ticking sound can even be found on my R1. :applause:

You should contact the local Yamaha representative and see if they want the bike to analyze the wear after 45k kms. Good work

no dont do that. they would be p!ssed off it lasted that long and try to make sure you update sooner.

does anyone really think that in 20 years there will be heaps of old wr's around like the old IT 175, 250 465's and 490. i dont. consumerism will make sure of that.

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