Starter problem

Lately I'm having big issues with my 03 WR450 starter. The bike never started as good as my old DR350.

At first the starter sometimes did not spin, all I could hear was the clicking sound of the relay. I thought it was the battery, but after trying everything I found that the connection between the rotor winding and commutator was bad (had that soldered) - it was fine for about a month.

Now again problems - the starter spins, but it seems that it either spins to slow (another bad connection ?) or the starter clutch is slipping.

I would replace the starter motor, but the price is a bit high here in Europe (360 $), since there is no one that can assure me that it is not going to fail again within the next year or two. The KTM part is 230 $, it makes me wonder if my next bike should be orange.

The bike usually starts first kick.

Any suggestions ?

The 03 WR450 was notorious for starter problems... I replaced mine too. I would try to find a starter in the states somewhere cheap and have it shippped to you .. Sorry you're having a bad time, I do understand. A starter's cheaper than a new bike... You need to fix it regarless... :applause:

Some of the guys here at TT have rebuilt thier starters to save money. They have discussed it in detail. Try a search of this forum on the subject.

My 03 WR starts like crap with the e-button also, but would start with 1-2 kicks everytime.

Finally got sick of it's inconsistancy, and just removed all of the starter related components and just kick start it.

I've got all the starter componets from a 04 450 if you would like to buy them.

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