Dual sport rear tire

I ride mostly on the road, with some highway too.

Any suggestion for a good rear dual sport tire?

In the past I had a great experience with a Michelin T66X on a BMW F650.

I'm happy with my metzler sahara enduro's. Good stick on the road OK on dry dirt not great in the mud.

Thanks but the Pirelli are 90/10 (90 off/10 on road).

I was looking more for something that I can use to travel...

The Sahara 3 sound like a great choice, I love the Metzeler...

Take a look at the Avon Gripster, I can't say enough about the handling of this tire on the street, and it works pretty well in the dirt. Just google it and read reviews.

I have bridgestone trail wing-52, they are 70/30, they work great on the highway and pretty good on dirt no caomplaints sofar :applause:

LOL I'm cheap.. I run King's 510-18 and get great mileage as well as a good price. Considering it's 14mm tread depth new...

my experience is as such

RR tire

TWing 577 km/mm

Kings 740 km/mm

Mitas 570 km/mm

Karoo 419 km/mm

Mitas 545 km/mm

FR tire

TWing 1990 km/mm tread

Kings 1960 km/mm

Karoo 1250 km/mm

mitas 250 km/mm

kenda k776f 428 km/mm

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