Throttle Assembly

Are there any other options for an improved throttle system out there?

What is everyone else using?

Gunner gasser! It came with my Mikuni,made in Sweaden very simple very smooth.

i have felt the same way,but when i replace the throttle assembly tube only and new bars and calbles it felt way better but the little wheel inside the housing on my 600 doesnt really feel like it works half the time like cable is slipping around it it instead of rolling with it,i have put anti-sieze all over in this area of mine and it seems to helped a little but i think i may invest in a new housing because mine is somewhat damaged anyway but its not infearing i dont think, just plastic dont last in dirt.

just a little something from me there take anyway you want

I found out real quick that if you tighten that screw that holds that wheel together it would not roll but slip.

I don't have the little wheel in my L housing.

Is it possible to install a throttle system with a little wheel to guide the cable instead of the slider that I have?

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