Jetting Help 05 TTR 230

This is my first post on this site even though I have been lurking about for a while.

I just bought my daughter a new TTR230 this week and I can already tell that it is very lean just off of idle. I have searched this forum and found some answers but I still have additional questions.

Although I do have extensive carb experience I have never worked on this particular carb (Teikei), so here goes.

1. How do I get the needle out of this carb? It was hard to tell by looking at the exploded view on the Yamaha parts fiche.

2. Is the stock needle adjustable (different clip positions)?

3. If I am not opening the air box or exhaust at this time, will I be able to get it to run better by simply drilling out the welch plug and adjusting the low speed mixture screw? Other than just off of idle it didn't seem to bad, but I only got to ride it for about 15 minutes in the street in front of the house Monday evening, on a 20 degree day, so I really don't know the whole picture just yet.

The bike didn't act to bad except for the dreded lean stumble when opening the throttle suddenly from idle.

4. Is it true that they make no pilot jets for this carb?

Also, on another note - I read on this forum that some people are having trouble with these bikes popping out of second gear while going up an incline? If true, this really sucks and I wish I would have known about this before I bought the bike. I don't need a new rider (my daughter) getting hurt due to faulty equipment!

Also noticed that even though the clutch cable free play was correctly set, there is not much take-up in the clutch, kinda like it is either engaged or disengaged not much tapper between.

Any reliable information on any of these questions would be a big help.

Thanks in advance, Griffbones

Alright im sure there are parts for the Teikei carburator but I myself have never seen them. If I were you I would buy a ttr 225 carb off ebay and sell(or keep) your stock carb. Mikuni carb parts are everywhere.


Try going to the jetting forum and you might have better luck there. I don't know anything, so I just thought this might be a better place to try. I have good luck on my DRZ for getting information, but got absolutely no help when asking for help the on the xr100r. I hope this helps you some.

You might try PM'ing Burned as he is a mechanic at a good shop, but I don't know if he works on Yamaha's or not to know anything about this carb.


Here is some information I found by searching this forum.

Re: Help with a 2005 ttr230

the only pilot jet you can use is stock for the tekie. I had to drill mine out.there is a past thread on here that says what to drill it out to. the makuni main jet work the sloted one.I went to a 135 main.


The first thing I did was drill out the pilot plug in the bottom of the carb and open up the pilot screw 4 turns. Then go to the tt-r125 airbox thread and remove all snorkels, screens, and pcv type hoses that go to the airbox. I eventually bought a number drill index and drilled the pilot with a #59 then drilled the main out with a #36. The stock exhaust is restricted at the head with a washer (welded in place). Use a die grinder and make the hole as big as you can. Removing the plug in the muffler works but it makes it really loud. I cut the little glass pack style insert in half, then drilled 5/16 holes all around the face of the mounting washers. The result? Lots of air and lots of fuel makes the enviro Nazi's all pissed off. The bikes screams. Pilot screw is back in at 1/2 turn out where it belongs, sound is not too loud, and 3rd or 4th gear wheelie's are no problem.

We ride between 1000 and 4000 ft. so I carry a little jewelers screwdriver to adjust the pilot screw as necessary.

Good Luck,

Thanks for the info guys.

Also, on another note - I read on this forum that some people are having trouble with these bikes popping out of second gear while going up an incline? If true, this really sucks and I wish I would have known about this before I bought the bike

When I first rode my wifes 230 I found that it did pop out of gear but I was expecting it to happen because I didn't give it a full up shift I think you really have to make sure you pull up and fell the click before you hit the gas

I have now put about two or three hours of riding on my daughters little TTR230 and it has not popped out of gear once! I even tried going over a lot of bumps and tried luggged it up some steep hills, and I have had no problems so far. Maybe I am just lucky? Normally I am not this lucky, but I can only hope!

I ordered main and pilot jets for my 05 ttr 230; Looks like the same carb is on the XT 600 1986

From the factory I would think the fuel screw is set as close to perfect for the way the bike is plugged up. I've had no problem finding jets. Go to page 10 of the TTR225/230 sticky for the exact part # for the pilot (about $20). The main is a Mikuni small round. I live in Central IL and had great luck with 38 pilot and 130 main (warm weather) 135 main (cold weather). Remove the snorkle, cut away all of the airbox between the mounting screws, remove baffle, remove backfire screen, 14 tooth front sprocket and the bike will come to life. From what I've heard, the needle is not adjustable. I've had no problem with it jumping out of gear. It is a great bike and she (and you) will love it! :thumbsup:

:banghead: It seems the #36 bit is much larger than the standard main jet hole. Does anyone no if this is the right drill bit #. The pilot seemed O.K.

Yamaha sells both Pilot and Main Jets. I opened up the airbox and went up one size on both (just like alot of people on this forum did). For the Needle, I found a small washer that fits under the needle clip which raises the needle. My bike was VERY cold blooded until I raised the needle. You can experiment with one washer or two to see what works best.

For the Teikei carb there is lots of info on the they use the same carbs and almost the same engine. The Mikuni jets should fit in the Teikei carb.

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