06 YZ450 oppinions?

How many have it?

What were you riding prior?

How's it stack up to your last ride?

How many have it?

What were you riding prior?

How's it stack up to your last ride?

I have one. Just rode it for the first time yesterday.

Had a CRF450 (2002 and a 2004) before it.

As far as how it stacked up, I'd say it was certainly very familiar feeling. It handled a little wierd up front - the front kept wanting to tuck, but I think a little playing with fork heigth will help. The bars are WAY too low for me. It had great power even though I was babying it a little since it had no time on the motor.

Pulled hard from the bottom. We were indoors (It's only 24 degrees as a high in Ohio) so, I was only in 2nd most the time. It seemed like it was a little soft in the rear for my tastes, but again, tuning here and there will certainly help out.

I was nervous buying a Yamaha after having great success with Hondas, but my true test will be when I get it in Super Moto trim and out for that.

Here's my disclaimer - I have 10 years road racing and am decent at that. I can feel the way things work and sense what doesn't. HOWEVER, my MX skills are for crap. I suck. I really do, but I can tell if the front washes, the rear is too soft, etc. I just can't ride fast on dirt.

So, I am giving a "C" riders opinion on a bike that is beyond my ability in the dirt...

So far so good, only been out for a quick break in ride. It felt good, it was pretty comfortable right away and on the few little jumps i hit was smooth and neutral in the air. I did notice that it doesn't like to be bogged and then snapped wide open, but I'm used to a two stroke. The biggest difference from the old bike is that it just feels more controlled, suspension feels more controlled and power delivery is much more manageable than the smoker. Looking forward to getting on it for a real ride, still have about 30 minutes of break in before she is ready to wail on.

What kind of info are you looking for? I have ridden a ton of different bikes lately.

Rode the new 450F in the indoor like 3 weeks ago. I have a 03 450, 045 250f, 06 250f, previous xrs, 426s, etc. I will say I was very impressed with the new YZ450. Really was easy to control in the tight confines of the indoor. My 03 just wears me out in about 3 laps. THe 06 was very easy to ride and really did not tire me out. The bike was heavier than the 250F bikes, but somewhere between the 05 250F and 05 450F in weight. What weight it does have is very low in the frame and you can feel that in the air. VERY flickable. I was impressed by the bike. Almost bought one, but like the weight of the 250Fs and they are easy to pump a few more ponies in them.

Outdoors, well that may be another ball game. Would love to open one up at Albany or Washougal!

Had a decent ride yesterday,very smooth broad powerband,very nice handling compared to the 05 and good suspension,I whacked on a GYT-R muffler and lost a bit of the choked up feeling the motor has,it hit a lot harder and revved quicker,any aftermarket pipe should do this,still felt it was being held back,maybe airflow needs looked at,it did not seem rich,just felt like there is a real beast lurking in there somewhere and when I unleash it it will pound me to burger in 3 laps and I will return to stock,its a whole lot better than 05 and much easier to ride,one thing,the front brake was not to good

I have an 06 YZ450, I had an 03 YZ450.

Really, you can't compare the two bikes as the 06 is better everywhere. Two very different motorcycles.

I've had no front end push issues. The rear seems slightly oversprung over small chop, but I think I can adjust that with some adjustments. The forks are wonderful. Oil changes suck, but I'll get used to them. The carb is a nightmare to get to. Changing needles is dreadful (mains and pilots are accessable through the bolt on the bottom of the carb).

So far, I love this bike.

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