suspension setup?

i have a wr426 and weigh about 170 lbs. i ride fairly agressive and like to ride the motoX track (love the whoops and jumps) ocasionaly with alot of trail riding. could anyone help me out as to how i should dial in my suspension, both front and rear. i am pretty green to suspension setup, so any tips would be very helpful. Thanx Matt.


On my 99 wr that I raced motos on bottomed out easy on big jumps.I am only 145lbs.& it was still a problem. I went to a local susp. guy and he said the bike comes under sprung from the factory.He put larger springs in the frt. and revalved the forks. The bottoming resistance went up & the plushness is still there.At the time I dident feel the rear was that bad.After the frt. was done my pace picked up & the rear could not keep up.Then I bought my yz250f & sold the wr.Miss the power already.Hope this helps.

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