Power Bomb vs. Mega Bomb

Gonna get a new exhaust for my 05 WR450 after the new years and I was planning on getting a FMF so I can add a power bomb or mega bomb header later on.

The current plan is to do the new titanium powercore 4 with the Mega Bomb header, but I am wondering if the mega bomb is worth the price difference over the power bomb.

Mega Bomb = ~310

Power Bomb = ~180

I'm sure the power difference is not noticible but will the mega bomb make the DB's lower than the power bomb allowing me to run a more free flowing exhaust without being hassled?

I am wondering the very same thing, so I am anxiously awaiting a reply from someone who knows. It may be worth is if the mega bomb really drops the db's by 2 like I've heard.

FYI, I purchased the SX Powerbomb in order to reduce the dB level of my Powercore IV muffler, and also to get some more bottom end, as FMF claim.

I was very dissapointed with the results. To me, there was no noticeable difference to the ear, of the sound level, also, if there was an increase in bottom end, I didn't feel it. Maybe others have had better experience than me, but for the money I spent on the Powerbomb, I expected it to perform as stated by FMF.

Have a good look at the megabomb, it looks like the header is smaller diameter than the outlet of the engine. The guy's on the YZ/WR250 section complaining about it. Don't know about the 450 though???

From Dirt Rider:

"The MegaBomb header has a works look on a four-stroke. Internally there are a few holes inside the mini expansion chamber that give unstable exhaust gasses a place to be absorbed. Another side benefit of this design is a reduction in sound output, up to two db quieter in some cases. On the bike the MegaBomb works as advertised and has the similar effect on the power—a smooth, more-crisp throttle response—but over a wider RPM range. Where the PowerBomb is subtle, you really notice the MegaBomb. Hand-formed, therefore much harder to produce, it retails for $349.99 and has found a home on our YZ450F."

There you have it...SC

:lol: I just installed the power bomb :bonk: system last week and rode the CA desert of Red Mountain. Trust me :cry: , there is power throughout all bands and the WR responds superbly to each hit on the throttle. There is no need :applause: to add the Mega Bomb unless you want to burn the inside of your pants :cry: because of its location on the bike.

In addition, my buddy who is a mechahic for Yamaha :p said it was a waste of money :cry::bonk:

I think the SS powerbomb header is the way to go. Forget Ti it crushes to easy and forget the mega football bomb that is gonna burn your boots and pants in off road riding! :bonk::cry::cry:

Tough to beet the SS SX powerbomb for off road performance! :applause:

Do you have to run an FMF pipe to run the powerbomb?

I have a brand new FMF mega bomb for sale in the classifieds that will fit 03-06 WR450F and YZ450F.... pm me if interested.... 300 shipped :applause:

Do you have to run an FMF pipe to run the powerbomb?

I dont think so. The stock muffler should work with the powerbomb header.

Work on my last 426 w/ stock pipe excellent!! I just ordered another for this one. Now if I can get my timing correct.

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