Anyone have all black plastics??

I would really like to see a all black YZ, does anyone have one out there? I own a 2001 YZ426F and was considering changing to black plastics. Also, anyone that owns black, is it really hard to clean or maintenance or anything like that?

my bike is almost black (check my garage), but the tank and radiator shields are blue ...

i think the black looks a little boring, and the frame needs to be painted black to complete the colour change ... so i'm going back to blue, or SE, dont know yet ....

there was a thread a few weeks ago with some one asking about a black 426, do a search ....

Black plastic looks nasty in short order. It looses its shine.

Also scratches are more noticeable.

Not to mention black plastics are overdone by all the MOTOXXX METAL MULISHA kiddies, and people won't take your bike very seriously.

I don't have any problem with the scratches showing up... I just spray a little armor all on there when it gets washed and it looks great. Of course I ripped a piece of the rear fender off in a wipe-out, but trimmed it still works great. I've got a trophy from racing, but I'm not planning on racing all the time, so no worries about the bike being taken seriously. I just like to have fun on my bike riding on whatever where ever. I never was into the team racing stripes and power ranger outfits so I just went with something that looks good to me. If I didn't go with black I probably would have went with the white something like chills' bike.(sweet looking bike)


i just changed my bike to black. I need a black gas tank and a black seat. Thats funny i was going to get that flame sticker kit, i got the dragon instead. It covers up the tank really well, maybe i dont have to. Nice bike. i like black, somthing different. I want to eventually get all black. Who cares if the metal mullisha kiddies got them, that has nothing to do with me, brian degan is a fag anyways


this is my bike last thanksgiving, everything but tank was black(also bar pad and bars weren't). since then, ive added black protapers and pad but broke the front fender on the trip in the pic. no recent picture, but its now black rear fender, fork guards and number plate, white side plates, blue tank, shrouds and front fender, plus i polished the swingarm. doesnt look bad but since i painted the frame black and only need a black tank and front fender, it will probably be all black for christmas(thanks to me).

that alll blk 450 is sick.....

Also scratches are more noticeable.

So, that is why you go down to the shop and pick up a box of plastic renew for $15. Works great, all it takes is time.

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