2001 yz 426 Some Questions

I never knew for one they had a 426 till I came across it in my local cycle trader. So anyway whats the deal with them? What years did they produce them? Are they a pretty good mx bike? Do they feel more like a 250f or 450f. Are they slower then what the displacement tells? I found one for 1600 which seems really low and the guy said it needed carb adjustments :applause: Im going to call him tommorw to get more info but any help would the helpful. Thanks!

produced from 00-02 i think?

can be compared to an 2 stroke 250, but with a more usable powerband, it pulls much harder on low rpm than a 2 stroke bike ....

The 426 is a great bike. It compares to the 450s, but just not as fast. The bikes have a starting drill, with a decompression lever. Lots of guys have ditched that setup by installing a 450 cam that has an autodecompression system on it, me included. That is the way to go and money well spent!

Lots of mods can be found on this site, just do a search for 426. What bike did you have before?

00-02 was the production of the YZ426.

It has plenty of power, actually more midrange hit than a 450. They are a burly bike to ride at the track. I use to pass 450s on the uphill at washougal with mine (jd jetting, pipe and 450 exhaust cam). I think the 450 with the newer ergos and better powerband are easier to ride faster and longer.

A lot changed every year on the bike. The 02 being the best.

1. jetting is way off. DO the BK Mod, JD Jet kit and that will solve your problem there.

2. if you get a 00 bike, purchase a newer nissan front master cylinder off an MX dirtbike 01 and newer

3. get the 450 exhaust cam for the autodecompression

4. get the suspension done front AND rear

If its anything to you it won bike of the year for 3 years straight. I just bought a 2001 and its awesome. I was debating between the 250F and the 450 and decided on the 426 because of the green sticker here in CA :applause: I would avoid a 2000 as they did have some problems and fixed them in 01 and a few mods in 02 but not much different. I bought mine from the original owner and it has tons of power. I friend of mine that races for Yamaha said the engines between a 450 and the 426 are basically identical when it comes to power. I don't think you can go wrong with it, but $1600 sounds low, I bought mine in CA for $3000 and it was in perfect condition (he wanted $3200). Check kbb.com and get the blue book value on it by clicking on motorcycles in the bottom left corner.

The decompression lever is kind of a pain, but once you get the starting procedure down you shouldn't have a problem. I am seriously considering the 450 cam to eliminate it completely though. I have yet to find anyone that doesn't like the bike, including on this forum.

Good luck

I've had mine stock since 01'. I love it. I still race it and still competitive on it. I added a GYT-R exhaust and it added low-mid but it still rips.

Most reliable bike I know of, including the 450's today (IMO). I've had no problems with mine and I track ride 3-4 times a month.

Its on the heavy side, and that might be an understatement, but the bike still rips and I'm still taking 450's at the start.

I just cant say enough about it. Its been great.

I have a 00 426 and its been an awesome bike. I haven't had any problems with it at all other than the clutch issue which will be fixed here real soon. Other than that its been great i haven't had to shim the valves yet but last time i checked them there were 2 that were close to out of spec. The starting drill is kind of a pain like others have said. They are very durable bikes they are a little heavy but there are lots of people on here that have them and have not had much for problems with the 426's.

I had a 99 400 and it had a lot of power. Like everybodyelts says the starting drll is a pain but its easy to get used to and its funny to watch your friends try and start it. My 400 was the most durable bike ever, I broke 2 wrists fell off of 2 5th gear willies, brused a kidney and had 1 hell of a concution and never bent the renthal bars, only minor plastic damage. 1 time i went like 3 months of track riding 1-2 times a week without changing my oil and it never missed a beet. I sold it to a friend when i bought my 06 crf 250r and it still runs great.

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