Going to Las Vegas

I can't keep a straight face when I tell my buddies I'm going to Las Vegas on a BUSINESS TRI! :)

I'll be on a major buying expedition as I dont get to the US too often & choice is limited & expensive in Switzerland. Anybody live there/near there and can recommend oulets/stores for riding gear, accessories, tools ?


The Missile

'99 WR400F

When do you plan on being in Vegas?

Don't know if there's too much in the way of tech riding in that area. If you win at gambling (haha) your'e lucky. Better off staying on the bike.

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I live in Vegas, what do you want to know? There's 3 Yamaha dealers and various other parts shops.


2000 YZ426F

2001 CR500R

Dear Missile,

Don't know if you'll be driving south towards SoCal, but if you were, the candy store is in San Bernardino. Its probably 2.5 hours south, I-15 all the way to the I-215 and mill st, and would probably be worth the drive alone. Since your from way outta town, a couple hours on the road would be a small price to pay, especially for the WR. Screw Disneyland...you need stuff for ole blue!!


You will love it...later, Gary


'99 WR400 with CA plates...ooooh yeah!!!

While your there, dont forget to check out

The Crazy Horse off Industrial. :)

Sorry, I couldnt resist!

Better yet, Little Darlings.

Wayne, Dont forget Cheetahs :)

Hey Dan-What about Snookys in Simi? Still there? Had a few fun nights in there.... :D

Cheetahs is pretty sweet also! :)

Never been to Lil Darlings, though. Maybe next time! :D

Wayne, Yep, Snookeys is still there, in fact the Yamaha dealer rep that I buy all of my parts from has a girlfriend that "dances" there, but it's still pretty cheesy. "Bare Elegance" by LAX is really nice. If you ever go to Denver there are alot of places to see many pretty ladies do their thing. (so I've been told) :)

Gives new meaning to the word "Thumper"..... :)

Where you riding these days Dan? Hows Jawbone?

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Better yet, Little Darlings.

Vegas made a big fat hole in my wallet, for a variety of reasons with gambling but a part of the final bill !

Forgot to print this out but was recommended another joint ....The Olymic Gardens. Entrance was a little pricey but the ladies....WOOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOOO !


The Missile

Wayne, Jawbone is still a pretty good place to ride!! If you go way back in there you will find some really nice riding.

Snookys? Grew in TO and never had the 'pleasure' of frequenting Snooky's but I've heard too many stories from friends that still live there...

Too many good establishments in Vegas :) Of course I wouldn't know any of them by name - at least my wife believes me.

IMO Chapparal is not worth the drive from Vegas unless you get to bring stuff into Switzerland duty free.


Dan, Im waiting for an invitation to go back to TO! Maybe I can find my bud Jeff Barry on Rollings Ave....

You think I can fit my 426 in a carry-on?

Isnt Vegas the greatest place? I have been to Olympic Gardens, thats the "evening gown" place right? Hate to say it, but I ve been to so many cool establishments there...... :)

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