needed: headlight lens and a question on jetting

I took a rock in headlight lens on a ride this week. :applause:

Does anyone have a lens for a '04 laying around that they would be willing to sell?

Please PM me if you do..................

question on jetting:

I've installed the JD kit, great low, mid and top end response.

I almost looped the bike when I hit the throttle testing the bike in my alley.

When I hit the gas while rolling, the acceleration wants to throw me off the back. all good......

my problem is at idle and just cracked throttle, a bit-o-hestitation that is annoying and in sharp uphill turns caused some stalls. Any suggestions?

I followed JD's instructions. I just need the tweeks to make it run at idle+.

Thanks ahead of time........

Sounds like you might need a little leak jet therapy. Put a #40 in there and double check your AP timing...SC

Thanks for the reply.......

Where's the best place to pick up jetts? I was thinking of putting a little jetting set together.

Also, is the a good guide thread in the forum that shows all the jetts locations? Main and pilot i got, where are the starter, and idle jetts ?

Most good bike shops carry jets for Mikuni & Kiehin...if they don't, they aren't a good bike shop! It doesn't have to be a dealership, either...

The pilot jet IS the idle jet. The starter jet is near the main and pilot. The leak jet is in the float bowl, not the carb body.

You'll have a hard time finding starter and leak jets in a shop. Your best bet is to order them yourself through Bike Bandit or Zanotti Motors. There's a jetting p/n list floating around the forum somewhere, but I've got a more complete list on my computer at home. P/M me and I can send it to you tomorrow...SC

If you can't come up with a lens, go to a local auto glass shop and buy a piece of flat lexan sheet, cut it to fit and epoxy it on. I've done this on several headlights, works great.

Thanks for the tip..................

I'll check that out.

The headlight is not a cheap assembly, but once you get it replaced (if you buy a new one) check my garage link under my avatar to see how I protect mine.

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