Yz 450 Values

I think I am going to have to replace my intake values soon as anyone tried the stainless steel after market valves or does everyone stay with oem?

this web site looks like they have a good price on ti valves.

The stainless steel OEM valves (not values) in the YZ400's an the '00 426 held up very well, but so do the OEM Ti valves in the later bikes. Personally, I think the Ti valves are as reliable as anything else.

Remember that to use SS valves, you'll need heavier springs to match the extra weight of the valves, and therein lies the snag with Kibblewhites. Their spring kit costs over $200 (but you do get Ti retainers and valve guide seals in the bargain. Then again, the springs from a 2000 YZ426 may fit, and since they were made for SS valves, they would probably work.

And the OEM Parts store here at TT does indeed have great prices on the stuff. :applause:

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