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Suspension Clickers? No Manual!!

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Got my '99 WR400F :D

Got no manual. Neeless to say I'm a little :) when it comes to 'tweaking'....

Can someone please explain where the rebound and compression clickers are for the front and rear suspension.

Front: on the head of each suspension stanchion I've found 2 adjusters but have no idea which one does what or whether I should even be turing all of them ??

Rear: Totally lost!!

Do I need a special 'key'/'wrench' to turn the spring preload ?

As far as sag, I'll look in the archives but if anybody has stock setup and weighs 84 kilos naked (not a pretty sight) like me, then suggestions more than welcome. I'll be doing mostly trail/woods riding.

PS Manual is ordered...



The Missile

'99 WR400F

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Hey Missle,

On the forks, the rebound damper is the screw in the dead center of the caps on the fork tops. At the bottom of the forks, behind rubber caps, you will find the compression damping adjustment screws. Both work just like tightening a screw, clockwise "tightens" or increases the damping and counter clockwise decreases.

The adjusters on the shock increase and decrease damping in the same manner.

For the shock, the rebound damper adjuster is at the bottom of the shock and compression at the top.

This information from the manual for an 01 WR426.

Hope it helps.


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