Oil Level

My 95 XR600R takes exactly 2 quarts according to Honda to fill-up after an oil and filter change. I follow the stated "add one quart, run for a few minutes, add the 2nd" instructions. Honda says to check oil level you have to run and then sit for five minutes. I do all this and my oil is not at upper level, but somewhere about midway. Is this normal? What does you stick read when the bike is hot and running? How about when it's been sat all night? I'm guessing that it would read higher when hot than when all the oil has settled.

It does not seem to changing much after oil change so I don't think I'm burning any. I don't have any smoke on start-up either.

Yes, the XR650R is the same way but, only take 1.7 quarts. Don't over fill it.

Is it a tenth of a quart low? because the xr 600 takes 2 liters or 2.1 quarts of oil.

My L is the same way. Half on the dipstick must meen full. After it sits all night there is just alittle showing on the stick.

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