Rekluse vs Scotts Dampener

Looking to get an opinion from people that have used both -

If you were only able to get either the Rekluse Clutch or a Scotts Steering Dampener - what would you get and why?


Scotts...Safety First! The thing has saved my butt countless times. I've taken it off just to see what it would be like and things felt way too squirrelly. This is the first dirt bike I've had with a damper and I don't know how I rode without one. The Rekluse fans will likely tell you the same thing though...SC

they are both great i have a scotts and my dad has a rekluse and a scotts

it all depends on what you ride. rekluse is great in tight stuff. but i will never ride without a scotts

I have both. All 3 of my bikes have Scotts on them! Best crash protection money can buy! I have a Rekluse on my WR that is so sweet in the tight stuff! But I would get the Scotts first like the other guys have said. :applause: my opinion it takes high priority over something that is merely a convienience like the rekluse.

When do you guys seem to notice the most headshake? I only picked up my WR at the end of this season and havn't had a ton of seat time on it. Before that I was on a CR500 which of coarse is the King of Headshake -

I have felt the front end want to wash out in the loose stuff like the dunes and down in the creek washes, but don't all bikes tend to do that?

Also, is there a big difference between the GPRS and the Scotts ?

Thanks for the info.

I have both, I'd get the Scotts first. Add the Rekluse later. Once you have both, you'll wonder why all bikes don't have them as standard equipment.


I'm currently running a Scott's steering dampener on my 250F. I recommend going with the steering dampener before a Recluse clutch. The dampener stops tank slappers and head shake, also helps you maintain your grip on your handlebars in really rocky terrain.

Scott's dampener, not just for head shake but the feeling of control in rain ruts and rocks, much less kick back from the bars that results in more confidence and stamina.

I have both, I'd get the Scotts first. Add the Rekluse later. Once you have both, you'll wonder why all bikes don't have them as standard equipment.


Ditto! :applause:

Awesome thread. One other thing. If the choice was between the Scotts, the Rekluse or sending my suspension to be set up for my weight and riding style. Where is my money best spent? Can only afford one. (2004 WR450, 41 year old, racing Amature class at Hare Scrambles)

I run a GPR stabilizer and a Rekluse as well as ESP suspension work.

Get the Stabilizer first. It will give you better control of your bike and in a way help your suspension feel a bit better. It will also save you butt more times then you can imagine.

Then get the Rekluse. Amazing product. Stabilizer and Rekluse will be standard equipment on any future bike I own.

I was not going to get into this until you said suspension. I don't have a Scotts I have a W.E.R. Damper. I also have had the suspension done. I am 240 lbs and the stock suspension is for a 160lbs to maybe 210lbs rider not big guys. If you are not in that weight range I would say the suspension first. JUST MY OPINION!! It makes a big difference. I say that if you did both at the same time you would notice the suspension more often. At least I did.

Suspension work is a must for any rider. It is not even an option like a dampner or auto clutch! Everbody needs to get their suspension set up before they ride their bikes hard. Stock valving on the WRs 46 mm forks are terrible. :applause: Stock springs are made for 140 lb trials riders! :bonk:

Well I did start off with the suspension - new F&R springs and did air cells as well. Definite made a big difference on rider fatigue. I had never riden a bike with suspension set up for me before, wow, what a difference. But I've never ridden with a dampener or rekluse either. I'm going to have to get a 2nd job to support my addiction I guess.

Everyone seems very partial to the Scotts - I take it the most common setup is over the clamp / bolt on? Doesn't it seem very exposed and could it be easily damaged in a wreck?

If you are looking to stay on the saddle :cry: during those moments of being on the edge, the Scott;s stabilzer will save you behind :bonk: and keep you from going ass over appetite across the desert! :applause:

Thanks Indy.....that is the setup I was looking for. Looks like I will have to save a little longer :applause:

Kit C looks like the best buy with bars and tripple clamps included

Indy do those also fit the WR.TYhose look Awesome love that mounting

I have both the Scotts and Rekluse. I love them both but cant imagine riding without my Scotts. I dont know how I ever rode without it. The Rekluse I can do without but the Scotts is a must.

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