Rekluse vs Scotts Dampener

Indy do those also fit the WR.TYhose look Awesome love that mounting

Yes they will fit the WR426. Just make sure you tell them the year and model when you order it. Kit C is the way to go! Also consider rubber mounted bars or solid mounts when buying. I love the rubber mounted bars on both of my dirt bikes. :applause:

Indy. Here is a picture of my currect set up. Do you know if I can use that set up without ordering a new steering stab?

You dont need a new stabilizer but you have to have the arm on the stabilizer with the slot remounted 180 degrees from the current postion to do a reverse sub mount. You can down load the manual from Scotts and buy some special tools. Or send the dampener in for oil change and cleaning and request a 180 degree arm position while they are at it. :applause:

Cool Thanks for the Info Indy Much appreciated.

When do you guys seem to notice the most Headshake -


WRs have headshake issues? not mine.

I've had mine tapped out on the beach in Oregon at the dunes.

I think we were doing about 80 mph, Paddle tires a roostin, One handed!

I still like any damper in the rocks.


The Scotts stabilizer shines in roots, rocks, tight trees, and high speed. It allows you to grip less tightly to the bars and lets all the wheel deflections happen in slow motion so you have time to react! Lets you hold a straighter line in rocky hillclimbs which conserves momentum and helps get you to the top. The list goes on and on. The guys who have cat quick reflexes can get away with out them but the rest of us mortals sure need the help. :applause:

This thread has answered the question of whether to buy the Scotts or the Rekluse. Now where is the best place to buy a Scotts? They seem to be worth so much used that I should just buy a new one and get it over with.

Cool Thanks for the Info Indy Much appreciated.

Ditto! :applause:

anyone know if the stabilizers are interchangable from 426 to 450? I can likely get my uncle's scotts setup in the spring when he sells his '02 426. My bike is an '03... any info would be greatly appreciated and might save me a few hundred dollars.

Go for the SUB mount from BRP. They also sell Scotts. They know what they are doing and will get you the right setup.

the stablizer it self is interchangable between bikes.unless you have the sub mount. but you will have to buy a new mounting kit for the 450 since they changed the dipstick location between 03 and 02

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