top clamp/bars

just got my first bike (04 yz450) and love it, only prob is its a little cramped for me. (im 6'6) for the money/quality would yall suggest the yamaha top clamp or pro tapers? i am set on the henry/reed bars (pro taper O/C)... thanks guys

I had the ProTaper Reed bend with their top triple clamp. It worked great, but I also had the 45 mm optional risers as the standard bar mounts that come with the clamp are very low.

If I would buy a TTC now, I would probably try RG3, but there is absolutely nothing wrong with ProTapers.

Note that the new 2006 Yami OEM TTC does not fit on older bikes since the new forks are 2 mm wider apart.

sorry about the confusion on the yami tripple clamps, they make other ones that fit the older models (03-05) that are higher and are ajustable forwards and back. and one more question, is a little side to side movement normal on the twist throttle? if so how much is too much?

No problem, but the Protaper is also very adjustable. If you want the GYTR TTC with their mounts, go for them.

Throttle side to side movement is always there and I can not see it become too much. Also, when tightening the throttle on bars, pull the tube 2 mm out so that it never touches the bar end.

thanks bro! i guess ill go with the one thats easier on the check book....

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