03 Wr450

My 03 Canadian WR450 has the YZ exhaust cam, fmf q, and all the mods, can anyone recommend the best jetting setup or should I consider the jd kit? I do have to twist the throttle a bunch in the summer to get it to fire so I'm already considering a larger starter jet. Cold weather starting is terrible so I'm hoping to improve on that, otherwise I'm happy with the performance so far. I will be riding on a local river this winter so maybe I should consider a couple on the main?? Should I just bump up the starter jet and the main and leave the rest alone. Thanx. :applause:

If you plan on riding both summer and winter, be prepared to re-jet for the seasons. You'll probably need to change all jets if the temp swing is big. Start with Indy's chart, which can be found in the jetting database at the top of this forum.

If you want to round up the jets, get the following

172, 170, 168, 165, 160 main jets

45 and 48 pilot jets

40, 50, 60 leak jets

65, 68, 70, 72, 75 starter jets

Adjustable fuel screw

JD Jet kit (includes 2 needles and 4 main jets, can't remember which ones)

Someone else has all the P/N's and maybe even more info.

Good luck.

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