'06 450 Gearing

My bike should be here next week and I was going to order chain & sprockets for it. My local track is Swan MX in Texas and on the fast side. What do you '06ers think of the stock gearing. I had a 47 tooth on my '03 that worked really well. :applause:


The stock gearing should be fine with the new 5-Speed

I have a 50 tooth rear on mine and it works great for me, but i like to roll in a higher gear as much as possible

I also put a 50 tooth spocket on my 06. It works real well especialy in the corners where I like to leave it in third gear.

Yes, I doubt with 50 rear you will never miss the lost top speed unless you ride in desert. Thats what I'm going to do too, plus that I'll have a 15 front sprocket for a quick change if I need more top speed.

I hope the 50 will work I have 3 new ones in the garage.

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