Best Lever set for "L"

Looking for a new lever set for 2006 XR650L, What are you using, and how are they holding up, I ride this bike 200miles a week on the street and dirt it on the weekends, so it will(has) hit the ground. Looking for a good after market set, any links would be appreciated. Thanks :applause:

If your talking about brake and clutch levers, I recently installed an 'ARC CNC Folding brake lever w/ ball bearing' as well as their 'ARC CNC easy pull folding clutch lever' on my XR650R. I would assume the brake lever application is the same for the XR650L and possibly the clutch side also, but it's worth checking their website.

The levers are very well machined with no sharp edges, and are very close in dimensions to stock. I wanted a pair of folding levers for the BRP for some time, and didn't like ASV's CNC folding levers when I ran them on my CRF; they are thicker than stock by quite a bit and aren't machined very well, which pinched a pressure point in my fingers for some unexplainable reason. The ARCs on the other hand, are excellent. I run handguards so they haven't taken a direct hit yet, but of any levers these are going to survive the best in a crash.

Price wise, they run $90 for the brake (or ~$20 or so cheaper if you get the non ball-bearing model), and $70 for the clutch. If this is a bit steep, ASV now offers the F1 lever, a folding lever that is forged instead of machined, and is much slimmer than their other two lever types (F3 and C/5). Those run ~$45 each.

Or you can just get on the Thumpertalk store and get some MSR levers for way cheaper. :applause:

I like the stock one's. Have you broken the set you have already?

No, haven't broken one yet, I have put teflon tape under the perches though, lets them slip when you hit the ground. Looking for an upgrade set, and will put the old ones in the tool bag as spares, don't mind breaking a brake lever in the sticks, but you really should carry a spare clutch lever.

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