06 450f in the woods report

This is for thoughs people who live East of the Miss. and DON'T ride motocross unless it is part of a hare scrambles course.

I have been riding yz's since Bob Hannah was the man so my new 450 was a se that I picked up last weekend. I ride setra, sera, mid south hs in and around Alabama. I am a super senior A rider and have been a A rider since 1976. I am not as fast as I was, as they say, but I did come in 2nd overall at a local hare scrambles 2 weeks ago! I am coming off a 250f. I weigh 180lb. So for what it is worth this is what I think of the new 450 in the tite rooty woods.


Yea it comes to lean. Went to a 170 main and fiddled with the fuel screw. That fixed most of it but it needs more attention before the jetting is perfect. The motor feels like my sons 05 450f with a 12 oz flywheel. Nice. Brutal off the bottom but not to bad. Good mid and plenty of top end. The secret in the woods is being able to use that power. This is what I have done so far. Pro moto billet end cap with spark arrester and silent insert. That not only made it reasonably quite but made the power much more managable. I also put a 51 tooth rear sprocket on which made tite trails in 2nd perfect and 3rd for faster stuff. The jetting, the end cap and the gearing is the ticket. The last thing so far has been to redrill where the clutch cable attaches to the lever. Drill a new hole closer to the pivot point to give it more mechanical leverage. A super easy clutch for this motor in the woods is a must. This mod works great. I can work my clutch with my pinky.


When Yamaha starting talking up the speed sensitive forks I thought if it was true it might just work in the wood. It does. In the past a fork revalve was a must but these things work great on the roots and on the big stuff. I have messed with the clickers some but have gone back to the stock settings. I have some 44lb springs which is one step softer but for now I am going to keep the forks stock. They are great!

The shock is good but nothing special. Before doing much I am going to make sure it is well broken in. I have come off 2 clicks on the compression and that feels pretty good.


It has been pretty dry around here so for now I have left the front tire on but before the the next race which will be the south eastern cross country shoot out in Maplesville, Ala in 2 weeks I will for sure put on a Michelin s12, m12 or Pirelli. The rear tire is pretty good. I lowered the forks to the first mark. The handling is the best part about this bike. It is stable on the rough fast straits and can be wipped easy throught the tite stuff. Even with the front tire it is very easy to get comfortable on this bike.


I cut my bars to 28 1/2 inch. With the bark busters they are 30inch. Even after cutting them there is still enough room for everything to fit. The bend is good. I have been running risers on my 250 but these feel about right. This is the first bike in 20 years I have not had to put new bars on!

The front lower engine case is exposed and the radiators seem to stick out a little. I am sure skid plates and radiator braces will be hot items.

The grips are good, the seat is ok. I hope it gets a little softer which it probably will.

Should you get one for the woods? If you are a C rider or a trail rider, no. If you are a fast B, A or AA and willing to do the mods then yes for sure. I am sure I will be doing more, flywheel, auto clutch maybe, but so far it is ruining my work habits because all I can do is think about it. Thats just not right!

Cool! :applause: By the sounds of this the alluminum framed WR's should be hot too!

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