Rubber mounted Scotts tripple clamps?

i have a scotts clamp...and was wondering if there is a way to make it "rubber mounted", or some other way to deaden the vibes.

Today while riding, the vibration in the bars was really getting to me.

I use BRP rubber mounted Pro Scotts designed for Pro Taper bars & Scotts dampner upper triple clamps on both my KTM and WR! They are so good at eliminating the vibes! :applause::bonk::cry: You can ride all day and it really helps reduce the punishment to your shoulders and arms as well! :cry::cry::p You will never bend your bars either with this set up. My Pro Tapers have been on my WR for 3 full years of riding and lots of dumb technical crashes and some high speed get offs and the bars are still true! Best kept secret for long rides! Just call BRP and tell them what bike you have, how much riser you want for your bars. See web site:

if i understand it correctly, the scotts clamp and brp are the same. brp makes the scotts. i was looking for a set of 22mm offset clamps from brp and all thay had were non-rubber mount. they told me that there wasn't enough material there to mill out the non-rubber mount style for the rubbers. that is not to say that you can't get a little creative. drill the holes out a little more and put a piece of truck mud flap under the bar clamps (ala pro-taper). i'm not sure i could bring myself to that point.

the 2004 has the same 25 mm offset clamps as my 2003. So if you want to keep the stock geometry the BRP rubber mounted Pro Scotts is the way to go. :applause:

Thanks indy...ima gonna call BRP

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