Ride Pics

Here are a few pics of a ride I went on last weekend. It was in Terlingua, Texas near Big Bend. Most of the photos are of the scenery because I was awstruck. I forgot to take pics of the riding but it was so much fun you never wanted to pull over to take photos. You could do hundreds of miles a day and never get on the same trail.








Very cool.....

Sorry if it's been asked before, what graphics are those on your shrouds?

They are Execute. I found them on e-bay for about $19.99. They would look better if I were a better sticky stuff installer.


Nice pics--looks like fun.

Thanks fpr the pics TARFELE!

The next time I go to Texas I'm taking the WR with me!

Terlingua Ranch is the place to stay.

looks like a fun place to ride!

Looks like an awesome trip/ride. Thanks for sharing. By the way, is one of those guys in the pics with the Thor jackets on you, if so, how do you like it. Thanks.

I am in the Moose jacket. I have the same Thor jacket and it has taken some abuse and is still in good shape. They could be better if they was waterproof

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