Hatfield McCoy tires?

Hey there guys. Headed to West Virginia in early April and I need new tires for the trip. Anyone have a tire suggestion for those loose rocky hillclimbs?

I am currently running Maxxis ST's front and rear. Front is new, rear is worn out. At home I always run a soft terrain but the terrain is very different in WV.

Thanks for the advice.

It will depend on the weather conditions while you're here, but a good all round bet would be Maxxis IT. If it hasn't been raining a lot, the IT's will work well.

The terrain will vary widely by changing back and forth between loose dirt, rock, mud and even some occasional sand all mixed in with straight aways, mountain trails and hill climbs. There is no one tire that works best in all the conditions you can encounter, but the IT's do a good job all around.

Maxxis SI front for sure! Michelin S12 rear or Maxxi SI rear is a toss up.

The loose rocks at Hatfield are easy with S12s but they can be tricky in the wet rocks due to the hard compound construction ( they just spin and dont bite on wet rocks). Maxxis SI rear will last only a 4-5 days at Hatfield McCoy in the spring time. If you can afford to throw it away after the week of riding stay with a new Maxxis SI. :applause:

Indy, can you briefly tell me the difference between the Maxxis SI and Maxxis ST. I ran a set of ST's in the Hare Scrambles last Fall and they seemed to work great in the wet soil conditions. I had been reading your tire discussions and bought them based on that. I did get confused though about model numbers and wether I wanted the ST or SI. Thanks

I have not run the SurCross ST front or rear but the MaxxCross SI front and rear are awesome. Here is what maxxis says:

The MaxxCross SI was developed and tested at the Grand National Cross Country Series, the SI’s race-proven tire compound delivers excellent traction in soft/intermediate conditions. Its anti-flex knob bridges on side lugs offer solid straight-line stability. It also features an enhanced grip to allow for aggressive cornering. The SI is proof that Maxxis is taking performance to the next level.


The SurCross ST is specifically designed for soft and intermediate terrain. Large tread blocks promote self-cleaning and provide superb traction. The tire features an aggressive tread pattern with wide spacing to provide excellent stability and optimum grip.


i ride the hatfield & mccoy trails quite a bit and have been happy with maxis it's,there are alot of rocky trails .

Maxxis IT in the rear and Dunlop 756 on the front. Conditions there are just like where I live and that set up works well in almost any conditions.

Thanks everyone. What about Kenda? Do they make anything worth buying? I've heard that they are really cheap. Last year it seemed like lots of people were using them. (Southwick or Carlsbad)

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