WOO HOO!!! What a day!

Dave (GA426owner) picked me up Sunday morning and we headed for parts south to meet Bill (Yamakaze) and Steve (RSK?) for a day of riding. It was raining when we left Atlanta and we didn't see any end in sight. Oh, well. I hadn't been on my bike in a couple months so I was ready to try anything and anywhere. After a slight detour (okay, we just plain got lost) we met up with Bill and Steve. A few miles down the road and we were at Rocky Creek ATV park. I don't recall ever seeing so many 4 wheelers in one place at one time before.

It rained all the way down but a few miles up the road the rain stopped. This was a mixed blessing. turns out there wasn't any mud (except for a couple solitary mud holes) but it was pretty dusty in sections. Very hardpacked in others. Not the hot set up for my Michelin mud tires. Just gonna have to make due, I guess.

We get set up and were already being buzzed by quads from every direction. Definitely had to be careful around the pits.

Started out on the first lap and right away ran up on a string of quads. Trying to pass a 4 foot wide quad on a 5 foot wide trail can be tricky at best. Fortunately most of the quad riders were somewhat accomodating (except for one really fat chick- what was she thinking anyway?) and let us by without much of a fuss. Turns out this Rocky Creek is miles and miles of high speed trails! Tires were letting go everywhere but at least they would do so predictably. I got a lot of practice stepping the back end out and holding it there. There was everything from long straights (even got into 5th a time or two) to some fast switchbacks complete with roostable berms. Gawd, that 450 makes riding fun!

Turns out I totally forgot about a running problem I had the last time I went riding. Most of the time I'd get over half throttle, it would feel like it was running out of fuel. It got a bit aggrivating leaning up over the bars, getting hard on the gas, having it start to pull hard and then almost going over the bars when it would stop pulling. The only savings grace is the 450 doesn't need to be run at high rpms to still put out big hp numbers. I just had to short shift it all day. That *will* be fixed very soon. Otherwise the 450 performed pretty well. Everytime I think it's overweight and handles terrible, I have a day like this and all is one with the moto-gods.

We figured we put in about 66 miles. Hit reserve halfway through the last lap. I needed a day like yesterday. Lots of miles at a nice pace.

No crashes or close calls except for a nasty rear swapping coming out of one turn. Bill and Dave both took a pretty good fall and Steve hit a pipe he warned me about. Nothing major, but he dodged a bullet. It could have been ugly. Steve is fast on his KTM. He'd give a lot of people fits if he was on a newer bike.

All in all, a great day of riding. Met new friends, went fast, didn't crash, only had to sacrifice an almost new rear Michelin but it was well worth it.


MX Tuner

The first two sentences of the last paragraph say it all.Great to have a day like you did.

Mark, Glad you enjoyed the ride. You need to come with us more often. Man I'm beat You guy's rode me like a cheap carnival ride yesterday and I have been cleaning both my 4 wheelers my Bike and the trailer for the past 6 hours....What a way to spend a holiday. For the life of me I cannot figure out how those two ATV's and my trailer got so full of mud when it was dry as a desert in most places. No damage it appears from my soil sample, just a few scratches on my new hand guard....Guess they worked. Looks like I'm going to be out for a few weeks....Got construction going on in my house next weekend , then have to get smokin on my MCSE recertification....Gotta be done by Dec....David I plan to go to Copperhead with you on the 22nd then poker run again on the 7th of OCT. Don't know after that...gotta hit these certs hard. Glad everyone had a good time....See Ya.

Bonzai.. :)

Tuner, you are right it was a great day and I enjoyed meeting and riding with you. I myself had second thoughts as I was loading up to go down to the poker run especially since I had been watching the weather channel and it looked like the whole state was getting soaked I would have never dreamed that it would be so dry down there, just shows you what I know.

I woke up today and feel pretty good considering that we rode hard and fast, I know I was starting to get sloppy on the last lap, I stalled my bike twice going into corners and trying to slide the rear end around and then I hit the irrigation pipe I warned you about (ironic isn't it) that left a nice little reminder on my FMF pipe. Well such is life, I will take your advise tuner and wait till I ding it up some more before getting it redone, I'm sure I will put some more in it.

GA426 I meant to ask you what happened after I hit the pipe and we came out of the woods, we came up on some 4 wheelers pretty fast and you passed them on the right and I went to the left when I got to the turn I looked back and it looked like you where off your bike, did you go down or was I seeing things there was a lot of dust in the air.

Yamakaze, GA426 & Tuner, I had a great time and can't wait to go again but like Yamakaze I have some other obligations to take care of over the next couple of weeks so it looks like it might be this same ride next month before I can get back out there. I would like to go up to Copperhead and try that out Yamakaze has got my curiosity up but I have got to get my suspension worked out before that. (Tuners working on it this week).

Safety Tip of the Week:

If you are riding at the Barnesville poker run and you are on the back loop watch out for that @#$% irrigation pipe!

Have a good one


Mark, it was a blast yesterday! We gotta get you out of the house more often. I do not even feel sore today. I agree, we must have put about 60-70miles on the bikes. That place is a blast. Next time we need to get Lane out there. Today is a rain soaked mess of a day, only good for one thang - & - she's not here anymore, oh well. I got the steering bearings & races on this morning - no problem -- steering now feels new again. I added more grease. I wonder if a heat resistant grease would be better? Anyway, Mark - thanks for going to Rocky Creek yesterday. 1st Sunday of each month could be WR day.

RSK, I was finally starting to catch back up to you, after you passed me & as I approached 2 4-wheelers the 1st one let me by - no problem, but the 2nd one would not let me pass. As I tried to force the issue, he slammed on his brakes, I hit mine, with more pressure on the the front & slid on the grass, went town & tuck & roll. No problem, no damage, hell the bike was still running when I got back on it & flew. I soon passed both of the 4-wheel JAKES, & caught back up to you for the last 6-8mi. I just could not get enough energy to pass you. I got close a few times - I am sure you heard me all over the back of you. You rode awesome. Man that was fun. Can not wait until the next one!

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