Real world Value of an 05 650L with mods

Was gonna sell my CB1000F and YZ-426F and replace them with one bike, an 05 650L. The YZ is gone but I still (luckily) have the 1000F and now have changed my mind yet again. For me there isn't one bike that can do it all so I'm just gonna have to have two bikes, each with it's own purpose.

The 2005 650L has 200 miles and the following mods; Knobby tires, White Brothers Silencer, Air box and carb mods including re-jetting, de-smogged, XR style Tail light and better handle bars.

I'll either sell the bike outright or trade for a WR426-450.

I would consider my 426 . Check it out in the classified :applause:

If it were me, and I was trying to sell a basically new or low-use bike, I'd eBay the aftermarket items, then sell the bike as close to stock as possible. It just seems that add-ons don't recoup much of their value.

Unless you can find a buyer who understands what you done, and the cost offset of what you've done.

What part of Michigan are you in? I'm in Madison, WI. I'm close to getting a new '06 before the end of December. I'm hoping to get it for close to $5,000. Does that seem fair? Of course, if yours is close, the mods make sense, who knows:)

Cobalt650 I live right in the middle of Michigan, Grand Ledge, just outside of Lansing. Probably a 6 hour drive for you one way.

e-mail @

I'd like to talk to you about my bike. I think mine would be a better buy for you. It has all the stuff done to it already that you most likely would do to a new one.

stanleigh12, if you weren't on the other side of the country I would be interested.

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