Anybody wanna trade for an 05 650L

Was gonna sell my CB1000F and YZ-426F and replace them with one bike, an 05 650L. The YZ is gone but I still (luckily) have the 1000F and now have changed my mind yet again. For me there isn't one bike that can do it all so I'm just gonna have to have two bikes, each with it's own purpose.

The 2005 650L has 200 miles and the following mods; Knobby tires, White Brothers Silencer, Air box and carb mods including re-jetting, de-smogged, XR style Tail light and better handle bars.

I'll either sell the bike outright or trade for a WR450.

Get the WR450 dual sport and street legal it and get a set of Motard wheels for the street so you can have the best of both worlds! That is way better than a 650L on and off the street!!!!!!!! :applause:

XR650R, nice solid, tough old school bike but a tuna boat never-the-less. I think if I did the dual sport thing again I'd probably go with a DRZ. I had a XR600 and the WR426 will leave it for dead in a big way. Good luck

ya if you go honda, avoid the 650l. get a wr450 or a 525exc.

unless you need to do long road trips. then get a 650r.

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