Desert/rocky condition front tire

go with the maxxis desert i t. stiff sidewalls and they last.

put new front and rear maxxis IT's on last week, and they work great in both rocks AND mud. Rode with a friend who was slipping all over, couldn't get a good bite in the mud. I slipped too, but felt the rear tire get a good hard bite every so often and allowed me to go where I wanted to! I'd buy them again...first time changing tires for me, no major issues.

I like the Maxxis IT's as well. They are tough tires that will hold together for long desert rides/races. I don't feel they grip the best but the fact that they hold up so well is worth running them, most tires chunk apart, not the IT's. 739at's on the rear are also great, tough desert tires. I like a lot tires. Pirelli makes some of the best front tires I've ever tried, but I'm not sure if they are as tough as the Maxxis ITs and when you're riding a fast pace through the desert the last thing you want to do is stop to change a flat. I've heard mixed reviews on the Maxxis desert series tires, I should probably try them...

I've been running the Maxxis tires for a while now. I got the first set as a gift and have been using them sinse. They are a very good value for the money and hold up nicely. :applause:

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