Fork air bleeding

Any thoughts or opinions on those speed bleeders for the 05 WR450??



I have had no problems with front forks gathering air :applause:

So atleast I have NO use for them

Timo Mc

get 'em. they should be stock on all modern forks.

They are a waste of $. You can do it just as easily with a screwdriver while your bike is on a stand. That's how they should be blead anyway, not sitting with weight on them.

I was kinda thinking thatway, a screwdiver... I already have that. I guess I was just looking for opinions.



they are useful...especially if you are going to gain or lose a LOT of altitude during one ride....or if there are a lot of high speed whoops that would cause the fork to take on air.

increase in elevation will increase the pressure of the air in the forks...making the front end feel harder and harder the higher you go....Nice to be able to pull over, lift your front end, and equalize your forks to get the plush ride back.

What ARin said, in addition to being able to bleed off pressure when you strap the bike down and compress the forks. Keep the air in the forks at atmosphere instead of positive numbers whcih could create seal leaks over time. I have them and like being able to just push instead of digging around for a screwdriver when I'm on the trail. I also really notice it when elevation changes along with temps.

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