Vegas TT ride monday the 26th.

i want to get this together for the day after christmas.

Any vegas members, or members who will be in town, are welcome. Ride will most likely be in the nelson area, but cold creek is an option too.

throw out suggestions...i am open to them.

Hey Arin, I'm in Vegas, but socked in with a bad cold. If I can get my butt in gear by then, can you let me know where nelson the area is? I am a relative newcomer to Vegas. Have ridden Indian Springs to Pahrump, the dry lake bed out by Jean, and some trails by my house in Centennial Hills. Thanks!

Nelson hills is just out towards searchlight. SOme relatively easy terrain and some really neat singletrack.

AR, how about a Barstow to Laughlin ride with me in January?

oooh? barstow to laughlin? how many miles is that?

Count me tentatively in, awaiting more info :applause:

About 180 each way.... We're looking at the third or fourth week of Jan.... :applause:

how many miles between fill ups? i only have an OEM tank...should i order a biggun?

What is that area just outside Vegas to the NE. Looks like a FMX paradise!

That is apex.

Ok everyone, Tomorrow we will be meeting at the Thumpertalk Store between 9:30 and 10:00 am. The store is located at Rancho and Cheyenne.

3013 N. Rancho Suite 123

we are gonna figure it out from there.

How'd the ride go?

I couldn't make it--got a nasty cold that made me feel like crap. I usually ride even with a cold--gotta take advantage of the chance to ride when I can, but this one was a doozey.

For the Barstow ride, would a Nevada biker try to get a California off road permit or just throw caution to the wind?

i was driving home from tucson... and i still have a freakin leaky fork seal to fix and tires to change... anytime anyone wants to go to dumont im all for that... since i dont have a knobbie..

Monday sucked, we didnt ride.

Today heckler and I and 4 other guys i know rode at jean.

I think Heckler is going to Dumont thursday....PM him.

ill be out there without a bike.. yaaaaay.... Arin know anyone in town good w/ suspensions that could fix me up quick?

Motorcycle tire center on fremont/boulder hwy swaps out fork seals pretty cheap.

Funny my wife was just asking me if we should move to Nevada. She is an emergency nurse and there is some place (she couldn't remember the name) an hour outside of Vegas recruiting nurses. They would pay the moving expenses and fly us out to check it out. We might just go sometime in February.

Could be Mesquite, NV? Pahrump, but I doubt it. Laughlin is more than an hour.

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