Best SS Valve Kit?

I've had it :applause: I refuse to deal with Titanium valves any more! So, I'm gonna take my man pill, drop down some hard earned bucks, take my first shot at some semi major motor work and swap out the valves and set my exhaust cam timing to YZ spec.

So I am going to open up the floor to sugesstions on the following -

Is there a best deal on a valve kit? (I know of Kibble White here on TT but is there a better/cheaper alternative?)

Anything that my factory shop manual is not gonna tell me when I attempt surgery?

Thanks Guys!

Merry Christmas!

Also - Is there a great advantage to going oversized?

I am also assuming that I should use new springs as well :applause:

I'm hoping someone sees this, I have to assume that some of us here have made the transformation to SS Valves :applause:

Why would you not want to run the titanium valves?

They are continuosly running loose, (better than tight), but noisy and annoying. It has been explained to me that the coating on the Ti valves wears off and will make it continuosly make it harder to keep them properly adjusted.

My 400 valves were CHECKED once only, in spec and never checked again, the bike is still running as strong as the day I bought it, No Ti :applause:

I'm also very interested in knowing if going with oversized valves will provide a cost worthy performance bump

Once the coating wears off the valve will continue to get tight, not loose. The hard coating prevents wear, once its gone the valve will keep getting sucked into the head causing it to go tight.

I'm actually going to replace my valves and springs this winter and I think I'm going to back with the OEM stuff. I've only adjusted my valves once, but they have had a hard life and I'm feeling guilty about riding another year with them.

I don't think ss is going to make you any happier. Yamaha's (even the titanium valved ones) are not known for having valve problems. My 426 has probably at least 3000 miles on it and the valves (titanium) are still in spec. Are you sure your bike's not a Honda that someone put Yamaha plastic on? :applause:

I am also assuming that I should use new springs as well :applause:

Yes absolutely, for more than one reason. You should do a search, you may find some answers on this forum. You should also go over to the DRZ forum and do a search there, I remember some guys changing there valves out to Kibblewhite and also some swapping to another brand that I can't remember the name. Ferrer? ferrar? I can't think of the name, go ahead and do some reading over there you'll find it. :bonk:

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