DRZ/KLX110 front fork oil level????

Is there a how to on this service? I changed the springs and dampening rods and i am not sure how much oil it takes? How do i go about doing the refill? I have no idea how to do this! :applause:

Thanks in advance

The correct oil level for stock forks is 89mm (+ or - 2mm). The way you measure this is to remove the spring, and compress the fork all the way until it stops. Then measure from the top of the tube down to the oil level. Add oil if it is low, or pour some off it it is high. There are special tools that make this easy, but they cost $40 or so. I just take cheap plastic eyedroppers and cut the stem to the correct length (in this case, 89mm). Pour in oil until you get a little too much, and then use the eyedropper to remove the excess. Don't forget to work the fork as you add oil. I find it easier to just remove the forks from the bike when I do this, but you can just leave them on and allow the weight of the bike to compress the forks. Good luck.

Thanks for the help! I still kind of dont understand how you measure the oil in the forks. I understand you remove the spring and fill the forks through the top but how do you measure? I know you push the fork leg up to measure correct? With a tape or something? And isnt 89mm like 3.5 inches?


Anyone else? Need help ASAP!

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