Anybody have a speedometer?

Gearing up for Dual Sporting since I have no place to put a trailer. I'd really like to have a speedometer. I've been thinking that a Mountain Bike Speedo would be easy to install and give extra info like Average Speed and Max Speed and stuff like that. Anybody give that a try? My only concern is if they'd take the beating. Is there something like that made for dirt bikes?


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enduro computers are certainly built to take the abuse.

many others have adapted bike computers, and have said the weak link is the wire that runs to the sensor. I never tried it, so try a search here, DRN, and RMD. I'm sure you'll find most q's answered.

I DS'd my WR and used a speedo from an XL200 that I had. I hooks right up to the WR's cable and works fine. I'm told that all the Japanese bikes use the same internal gear and cable top end, so any speedo you can fit should work. The DRZ400s have a nice looking electronic unit. For the ca$h, I would see if I could try one before I bought it though.



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I am using a bicycle speedo with an ICO racing ( sensor/magnet. My set up cost about $30 for the speedo, $30 for the magnet/sensor kit. Most bike speedos are only "good" to about 70 mph though.

There is a new unit out that is marketed as a motorcycle speedo called "Panorama". Retail is $80; It looks pretty good. There has been some dicussion here (Thumpertalk) recently regarding the Panorama unit.

You could go with an entire ICO unit, but they are costly and are intended for enduro racing (I run one in my KTM).

I Dual-sport my WR, also "motard" it - I have a set of 17" wheels and street tires. The bicycle seedo I'm using has held up very well. It has survivied two Colorado trips and a good bit of rough riding.

I would probably buy the Panorama If I had to do it all over again though.


check with the panoram is the best way to go.

and trail tech stands behind what they sale.


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Thanks Guys!!!!

I just ordered one from TrailTech. Can't wait to get it. Anyone have any tips for installation?

yeah, the Panoram is really nice!

No tips for install, you'll see from the instructions how to mount it up. Oh, wait, I do have a tip.

Put extra jbweld or epoxy on the magnet. Mine fell off after the orginal supplied adhesive failed. Epoxy has been working fine for me on two sets of front wheels.

Some folks have had problems with the Panoram, yet trailtech will back you up! I've been nothing short of 100% pleased.

After having installed it yesterday, I'm very pleased with it. It does seem to take a while to update the speed, which I didn't understand why they only update everyother revolution, but other than that I"m happy. I have yet to ride it out other than the neighborhood, but does anyone use the maintenance reminders? They seem really too short. Also, I can't figure out what the numbers that you can sellect actually do. It allows you to select between 1 and 10 for oil and the same for maintenace. I put them both on 0 so I assume they won't tell me anything. But the instructions are crap when it comes to programming.


2000 WR400F - Throttle stop shortened, Grey Wire Cut, Filter Cover Removed...

I had no instructions with mine, so I had to just fiddle with it for about an hour to really learn all the options. Good luck.


Go figure, and i ordered 2 extra magnets with it just in case.

I just installed an enduro unit that was a stock item on '85 Honda XR600, like new & works great. It has speedo/odometer/timer functions. It may be hard to find these, just happened to have one on the shelf. I installed it on my '01 WR250F.



The small numbers signify hundreds of miles, the two large numbers signify 0 - 99 miles. If you want your maintenance interval to be 300 miles leave the two large numbers at 00 and change the small number to 3. This applies to every field.

I had a problem with my Panoram unit. It suddenly stopped working after previously performing flawlessly. Trailtech has since replaced the unit. I highly recommend purchasing these units from them. They've got excellent customer support.

Regarding the Panoram failure. I'm going to install rubber washers on the mounting bracket to try and minimize any vibration the unit might see. Another thought I had to help with the slow speed updates was to halve the wheel diameter setting and install a second rotor magnet. I can't seem to find my instructions right now but if the 1/2 wheel diameter range is within the units range it should work. Of course the magnets must be 180 degrees apart.


I have a Sigma Bicycle Computer on my bike it works well, but I have gone thru several sensors. The Sigma's go up to 160mph or something stupid like that.

It took a while to get the wires routed so they didn't break from the abuse. I put a blob of silicorn where the wires go into the sensor, that seemed to help as well.

I love having it on my bike when I am doing moto practice. You can time your motos, get average speed, max speed, etc. I is cool to see if you are improving or not. I don't look at it much while riding, mainly afterwards.

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Check out Rocky Mountain ATV. They have a speedo computer that is hot for $70.00.

I have the Panoram computer, and it works very well. I did have a problem w/ it, as it scrambled? Geoff took very good care of it @ Trailtech..Thanks again Geoff!! Since then I have put (live)rubber washers between the mount & the computer, no problems yet!! I would recommend it to anybody, especially the exceptional service w/ Geoff @ Trailtech!

See Ya!......Tim

01"Rippin"WR426!! :):D

DITO, the guys at trailtech are great.

can't say enough good things about them.

exceptional service!


2000 wr400f ims yz tank, sdg yz seat,gpr stablizer,pro taper bars,p38 ligthning acc pump cover ,acerdis hand guard, fmf power core 4 Q pipe

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