hot cams intake cam or edelbrock carb

i am going to be getting myself some presents for X-mas and was thinking of a few things. either a hot cams intake cam or an edelbrock carb. with my current mods(in profile) what would you guys recommend, the cam or the carb?

WebCam or Megacycle...wasn't real impressed with any of the Hotcams in testing.

If you decide to go with the carb, the RHC carb mod kicks ass. :applause: Tdub

i just happen to have the whole setup with a rhc modified carb & all parts neccesary to set it me for info. :applause:

I put hot cams in my 05 which turned it in to an 03 on steroids, I took them out know anyone that wants them cheap?

what is the RHC carb mod? web cams are really expensive for a cam. the hot cam is a third of the price. plus i already have the hot cams auto decomp exhaust cam, so wouldnt the hot cams intake cam work good with it?

also, where can i find info on megacycle, i cant seem to find any online.

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