getting it plated in ca

does anyone know what i need to do to get my bike street legal? i think its just signal lights, mirror, and horn but i'm not sure

Do a search, I have seen a complete how to here somewhere

Update us CA guys if you find out. Im interested in motarding my 426 when I upgrade next year.

California had a cutoff in December '03 when they closed most of the loopholes for plating pre-'02 offroad bikes.

Best you can do today is import one already plated from another state and transfer title, or start with a brand new green-sticker bike that's never been registered before.

FRom what I've been told by several people, WheelsUp is right. The bike may come plated from another state or must be BRAND NEW , green sticker legal to get a plate here in CA.I'm sure you were hoping to register your bike but the best bet is to buy brand new or search for an already plated bike. I know about a month ago there was a guy on Ebay selling XR650R 's plated for a price but I'm sure you can find something in the classifieds here.

i'll just sell it to a relative in oklahoma let him get it plated then buy it back from him. hopefully i'll get around the DMV that way

Might get lucky that way, but the problem is that it's already in the CA computers.

I plated my 05 wr450 after it was already registered. I may have gotten lucky with it slipping through a crack :excuseme:But I also plated a 02 crf450 a year and a half ago so maybe not. I'd just give it a try and see what happens. I had a buddy that owns a car repair shop and he signed off my brake and light inspection form without the kit.. After that i had to get the vin verified by the CHP and fill out a few forms.

Pretty simple :applause:

Here are the requirements off the dakar site:

Headlight with a high/low beam, high beam indicator light visible to the operator to show when the high

beam is on, 4 turn signals, front & rear at minimum distance, Turn Signal Switch with left, right on/off

switch, hi-low beam switch & horn, a battery powered taillight and brake light taillight should operate for

20 minutes on battery power alone, a brake switch on the front or rear and a rear view mirror. Note:

California only requires a left side mirror, however some states require both left & right side mirrors.

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